York’s new community stadium project is still set to be completed in 2016 despite concerns over the timescale of the building.

Work on the 8,000-seater venue cannot start until Huntington Stadium, the current home of the York City Knights, is demolished and the site is cleared.

The Knights chairman John Guildford has said that the rugby league side only have a few games left to play at the ground after being given formal notice to leave ready for the redevelopment.

Fears have been raised about the schedule of the project in recent weeks, with Guildford saying the club need to know the details about the new stadium to “put minds at rest”, but a city council spokesman has moved to reassure people that the ground will be ready for matches after the handover in July 2016.

The sports stadium - shared between the Knights and York City Football Club - and retail development at Monks Cross on the outskirts of York was approved back in 2012, and the Knights were originally set to vacate in September 2013. 

Originally expected to be ready for the 2014/15 season, the discovery of great crested newts at the site delayed the process. It’s now expected to be ready for the start of the 2016/17 football season, two years late.

The rugby league side are hoping to temporarily stay at York City’s Bootham Crescent until 2016, but a legal agreement is yet to be reached. 

Posted on 29/07/2014