The Cleveland Browns are exploring a possible improvement to the Cleveland Browns Stadium.

Jimmy Haslam III, who is in the process of becoming a majority owner of the Browns franchise, has expressed his interest in adding a retractable roof to the Cleveland Brown Stadium depending on logistical implications.

Haslam has said: “We are open-minded. We want to use that facility as much as we can.”

It was stated that it could possibly not happen for many years, if at all, but the franchise would start to explore the expansion's feasibility once the National Football League approve the sale of the Browns - rumoured to be October 16th. Once Haslam officially becomes majority owner he will bring in a selection of stadium architects to assess any possible options.

Renaming was also on Haslam's agenda but he said any discussions regarding a deal for the facility's naming rights will not start until after the 2012 NFL season.

Posted on 20/09/2012