Robert Wojtas, director of Poland's National Sports Centre, has been removed from his post.

This is a result of the water-logged pitch incident on the 16th October which resulted in Poland's World Cup Qualifier against England to be postponed.

The National Sports Centre is the manager of the new National Stadium in Warsaw, constructed to host Euro 2012 matches this summer.

The €500million venue comes equipped with a roof, but this was not used when over five hours of rain fell on Warsaw making the pitch unsuitable for football.

The re-schedule caused financial losses to the Polish FA and thousands of England fans could not attend the delayed match, which was played 24 hours later.

Following the game, Prime Minister Donald Tusk vowed to punish those responsible.

Sports Minister Joanna Mucha offered her resignation following the fiasco but Tusk rejected the resignation offer.

Posted on 29/10/2012