Poland's sports minister Anna Mucha offered to resign over the postponement of the country's World Cup Qualifier against England last week.

The fixture, originally set for October 16th, was postponed after torrential rain left the National Stadium pitch unplayable. 

FIFA ordered the match to be played the following day. Many fans and media personnel alike were shocked as the incident could have been prevented by closing the $550million stadium's retractable roof.

In response, Prime Minister Donald Tusk vowed to punish those responsible.

Mucha said: "I feel politically responsible for the situation. The responsibility of the minister is not only to make sure that all procedures are followed. It's wider."

The Sports Ministry's duty is to oversee the National Sports Centre, owners of the stadium, and ensure the procedures are in place to maintain the high standard of the playing surface.

Organisers said the roof over the 58,000-capacity arena could not be closed during rainfall due to safety concerns and neither of the teams nor FIFA wanted to close it when there was still time.

Thousands of fans were left complaining as many were unable to reschedule plane tickets and some could not afford to stay longer in Warsaw.

Posted on 25/10/2012