Leyton Orient owner Barry Hearn plans to change the club’s name to London Orient if they are successful with their bid to ground-share the Olympic Stadium with West Ham United.

Hearn says the name change would be part of a re-branding exercise to link the club with London.

"There isn't a team that's named after the capital. It's unique, the same as our little football club. It's a stepping stone to great things. 

“When you are looking for a new future, you need a new title. There will always be opposition. You can't expect everyone to agree with us in a democracy

"We need a new branding exercise. Leyton Orient has been there, Clapton Orient, Orient, there has been a few changes over the 130-year history."

A decision on the future of the Olympic Stadium is expected later this month, with four potential tenants in the running.

Leyton Orient are currently housed at Brisbane Road.

Posted on 05/10/2012