Canadian Football League franchise Saskatchewan Roughriders have moved closer to a new home as the city of Regina announced a proposed 33,000-seat stadium.

Designs for the $278 million bowl stadium with 80 percent of the capacity seating along the sidelines has what is described as a spectator roof, protecting fans from the weather while still being an open-air stadium.

The final design is yet to be finalised as builders may be required to alter the plans and the city still requires proposals to be accepted.

Construction of the new venue will be on the site of Mosaic Stadium, Roughriders' current home, and is expected to be completed in 2017.

The Mosaic Stadium is believed to be structurally sound but it is one of the oldest in the Canadian Football League as it has housed the Roughriders since 1910.

The required finances for the stadium will be a combination of a $80 million grant from the province, $73 million from the city of Regina, while the Roughriders will raise $25 million and get a $100 million loan from the province.


Posted on 20/09/2012