The Minnesota Supreme Court on Tuesday night dismissed a last-minute legal challenge against the $1 billion new Vikings stadium, allowing public financing of the project to resume.

Construction on the new $1 billion build in downtown Minneapolis continued as the courts processed the legal challenge lodged 12 days ago by three local residents.

The controversy stemmed from the use of more than $10 million in taxpayer funds without a public vote, but the lawsuit has now been dismissed.

A $468m bond sale, which will also help fund the new stadium was temporarily put on hold, but state budget officials are now hoping to make the sale in the coming days or weeks.

There were also fears that the opening date of July 2016 will now be put back after key land sales were also sidelined by the litigation, but no delay is expected to arise from the hold-up.

The Vikins have played in the Metrodome since 1982, where the roof has now beend deflated and demolition work on the structure's foundation has now begun.

Posted on 22/01/2014