The plans for a new French Rugby Federation (FFR) stadium have progressed.

The federation have announced that a 82,000 capacity venue will be at the commune of Evry-Essonne, 25km south of Paris.

The location was selected over a Thiais-Orly proposal, which is situated just 1km from the French capital’s Orly airport. 

The FFR has become frustrated at the cost of renting the current French national rugby team venue, the Stade de France, which is a reported $5 million for each game.

The project is set to cost $600 million but the FFR is hoping to exploit the revenue generated from owning its own stadium.

The proposed stadium will be a multi-purpose venue with a retractable roof and a removable pitch and will host at least 20 events per year, including five or six rugby tests, as well as music concerts and other entertainment events.

The FFR President, Pierre Camou, said: “Today, the FFR must be independent in order to organise the great games of its national teams in France, to support, in sporting terms and economically, the great enthusiasm that exists around our sport.

"French rugby must adopt ‘this garden’ just like the other great nations of world rugby.”

The FFR expect construction to begin in 2014 ahead of a scheduled opening in 2017.

Posted on 03/07/2012