Bournemouth have announced plans to extend the Goldsands Stadium to an 18,000-seater venue.

Their home, traditionally known as Dean Court, currently houses up to 12,000 fans, but talks have now begun to extend the ground.

The Cherries’ current capacity is the lowest of all the Championship clubs, but promotion to the Premier League is not required to fund the development of their stadium plans.

The south coast facility was last renovated in 2001, when it was relocated from nearby housing and had the pitch rotated 90 degrees. The 2010/11 season also saw a temporary stand installed, but it was removed the following year after a drop in attendances.

Bournemouth chairman Jeff Mostyn said: "We know we can expand to 15,000 without any problem and hopefully look at further development.
"We've spoken before about filling in the corners and that would probably take the capacity to 18,000.

"Promotion is not the catalyst. What we have to do is keep our feet firmly on the floor as a team and take the "one game at a time" mantra. However, off the pitch running as a business we have to be prepared for what we hope will be the fulfilment of all of our ambitions.”

Posted on 24/11/2014