FC Barcelona President Sandro Rosell has stated stadium renovations to Camp Nou will be put on hold.

The club achieved a surplus €40M in the past season but the 48-year-old insisted the redevelopment was not top of the priority list.

Rosell said: "There are two things that need to happen, but they can’t happen until we reduce our debt. We’re taking a step backwards in order to take three steps forward.

"We will not create the Espai Barça, and the Camp Nou and Palau Blaugrana renovations will not happen at this time.

"We can’t proceed with these projects at this moment, however, we will do them at a later date, and the decision will be put to the club members by means of a referendum."

Last September, Barça announced plans to add 10,000 seats and install new VIP boxes at the Camp Nou, which currently has a capacity of 98,787.

Posted on 28/06/2012