The Secretary of State will not intervene in Bristol City Council's decision to grant planning permission for a supermarket to be built at Ashton Gate.

It comes as good news to Bristol City Football Club as the works are a key part in the funding for a new regional stadium at Ashton Vale. The club plans to sell the site to Sainsbury’s to raise capital for a 30,000-seater venue to replace their current home at Ashton Gate.

Guy Price, who becomes the club's chief executive on June 1, said: "It's good to hear that, for the third time, the Secretary of State has decided that there is no need for him to call a Bristol City Council stadium planning decision in for him to determine centrally. He will only have made this decision on the grounds that it is right for Bristol to make this decision himself, and that he doesn't need to get involved.

"With the City Council due to make a decision on the Village Green issue shortly, the momentum behind the stadium plans is growing," he added. "If the Village Green application is rejected, which we hope will be the case, the final hurdle will be out of the way and we would look to make a start on the site quickly. That would be a huge relief and massive boost to the whole city."

The city council announced a decision over the new stadium could be made on 16 June. The Public Rights of Way Committee will meet to discuss an independent inspector's recommendation that the area should be made a town green.

If councillors back the recommendation it would stop the club’s plans to build the new stadium. Councillors could also refer the plans to full council which next meets on 21 June.

Posted on 28/05/2011