Heart of Midlothian Football Club has begun a joint study with Edinburgh Council to consider future stadium options.

Both parties are reviewing potential redevelopment of Tynecastle Stadium but also the possibility of building a new stadium at a different location. The club has seen recent plans for improving Tynecastle hit by health and safety regulations and building restrictions.

Hearts has launched an extensive consultation with supporter groups to find out what fans feel about the move. A club spokesman said: "The club believes that the commercial viability of redevelopment of Tynecastle should be measured against all available relocation options in order to deliver the best long term on and off field solution."

Findings from the report will be brought back to the Council's Economic Development Committee along with recommendations on how to take things forward. Tynecastle currently holds 17,420 but the club is keen to increase capacity to help boost finances in a push for further success on field.

Posted on 26/05/2011