Mediation talks between Bristol City Football Club and local residents over the site of a proposed new stadium have failed.

City want to build a new 30,000-seater stadium at Ashton Vale but the site was recommended by an independent planner to be registered as a town green, preventing any new development. The mediation was supposed to find a solution to the enduring saga that has dragged on since before England’s failed bid for the FIFA 2018 World Cup.

A planning application for the stadium has already been approved by the council but it will now have to take the final decision on the town green application which, if approved, would prevent development at the site.

Bristol City Football Club confirmed the breakdown of talks and added: "We remain as determined as ever to deliver the regional stadium the city deserves and the vast majority of Bristolians support. A huge amount of effort has gone in to get to this point, with the result that we have the finance, political support and planning permission to build the stadium.

"We remain utterly committed to bring the vision and plans for a new regional stadium for Bristol to reality as soon as possible."

Club owner Steven Lansdown told the BBC he would continue to fight for the stadium and said the next step was to wait for the council's decision on the town green application. He added that the club had submitted new information in its appeal against the town green decision.

Posted on 26/04/2011