Manchester City Football Club look set to become even noisier neighbours for rivals United as the club plans to transform their stadium.

City hope to transform the Etihad Stadium into a venue that contends with a 76,000-seater Old Trafford conducting various feasibility studies on stadium expansion. One of the most ambitious plans includes lifting the roof off and adding a whole new tier which would allow a capacity over 70,000 and massively increase potential match-day income.

The current capacity at the Etihad Stadium is 47,805 but many Premier League rivals are sounding out possible relocations or ground improvements to help compete off the field with Manchester United. The Red Devils have discussed an expansion which could take them to a whopping 95,000 seats which is causing City to rethink their options.

City  are currently working on the completion of an academy project next to the stadium but are awaiting planning permission at the end of December. If approved, construction will begin on the campus, which is expected to take three years to build.

Posted on 23/10/2011