Birmingham City Football Club has announced it will not move away from St Andrews unless attendances improve.

St Andrews has a capacity of 30,079 but average crowds for Premier League matches struggle to top 25,000 meaning building a new venue may not be practical. Club acting chairman Peter Pannu says: "We have not ruled out a stadium move but our primary concern with that option would be our average attendances. Moving to a 55,000 capacity stadium may not be prudent at this stage."

City has played at St Andrews since 1906 a new home may not be a popular move for supporters as Pannu explained:  "We know that quite a lot of our fans want to stay put as well so we need to make sure we consider everything before deciding on how to move forward."

The Blues are now looking into redeveloping their current historic home and showcased plans for a revamped Garrison Lane Stand at a shareholders’ gala in Hong Kong. "These are possible blueprints of how St Andrews could look in the future. But it is certainly not a done deal," Pannu added.

"This is at a very early stage and we do not want to heighten expectations too much. There are lots of people we need to run this by, including sponsors who may be interested in investing."

Visit the club website to see the proposed plans.

Posted on 21/02/2011