The landlords of Cambridge United Football Club have identified two preferred locations for a new community stadium.

Grosvenor Estates is keen to build a new stadium for the Blue Square Bet Premier side in order to press on with redevelopment of their current Abbey home. Grosvenor has trimmed their 10-site shortlist to two specific sites following consultation.

Projects director Ed Skeates told the BBC: "We're pleased with the progress that's being made. We've been speaking to landowners, assessing who would like to be involved, and now we've got to the stage where we've got two realistic options.”

One choice is the development on the former NIAB site in the north-west of the city. The other option is Trumpington Meadows which is close to the M11, providing important transport links.

However, both locations are on greenbelt ground which means any development will need reclassification of the land. Despite this potential stumbling block Skeates believes the stadium development will be complete within the next five to seven years.

"In terms of the surveys we've done, the fans' number one request is that the club is placed on a solid financial footing with the new stadium," Skeates said. "This project is more than just a football stadium. It's a community stadium which will provide for related educational, health and housing needs."

Design work is now underway to create a stadium concept, with a maintenance and governance plan set to be put in place. It is anticipated that the venue will cost around £12m to build and will have a capacity of around 8,000.

Posted on 13/09/2011