Casement Park looks set to transform into a 40,000-seater stadium after budget plans were given a green light by the Northern Ireland Executive.

Redevelopment of the Belfast venue is expected to cost £100m, with investment coming from both sporting body GAA and the government.

Ulster Council president Aogan Farrell was delighted with the news and said: "The redevelopment of Casement Park will have major economic, regeneration and social benefits for the entire community."

"Sport makes a strong social and economic contribution to society in areas such as the promotion of tourism, health and well-being, community development, social capital and cohesion and also contributes to good relations.

"This project is another example of the positive role that sport has to play in the wider community," he added.

The budget consultation process will be completed in February 2011 but there is currently no date scheduled for the work to begin.

Posted on 17/12/2010