Liverpool Football Club new owner John Henry insists that the Reds will not ground share with local rivals Everton, if supporters oppose it.

The new owner, who bought the club for £300m in October, is keen to press on with stadium redevelopment but understands he needs fans’ support.

He said: "If the fans don't want it, it's difficult for the club to do anything about it.

"Obviously it's the fans who come, so it might make the most sense, if you're building a new stadium, but if the fans don't want it it's a non-starter."

Liverpool also revealed talks over the redevelopment of Anfield or move to a new stadium in nearby Stanley Park are still ongoing but maintain progress is still being made.

Reds co-owner and chairman Tom Werner said: "We certainly feel the need to do something. Our intention is to increase our revenue so we can put put the best possible squad together.

"We're hard at it, we've had a lot of meetings and we are moving forward with various options.

"It's too early to go in one direction or another in terms of whether or not to build a new stadium or refurbish Anfield, but we are making progress," Werner added.

Posted on 13/12/2010