With less than 48 hours to go the hosts of the FIFA 2018 and 2022 World Cup finals will soon be announced to the world.

On Thursday 2 December at 1600 GMT a verdict in Zurich will confirm the next destination of the greatest show on earth.

The tournament is much more than a football festival as it’s a major source of financial income with huge fan attendances, merchandise and sponsorship deals.

Receiving such an economic boost at a time financial uncertainty is making the bidding even more intense.

With this in mind decided to find out what’s happening in the final few days in the run up to the ultimate decision.

On Wednesday afternoon, the five contenders for the 2022 tournament will give a final 30-minute presentation at FIFA headquarters in Zurich.

Australia will kick off proceedings at 1300 GMT with South Korea, Qatar, the United States and Japan following at hourly intervals.

The next day, bright and early Thursday morning at 0800 GMT, the 2018 bidders start their final pitches.

This starts with co-bidders Netherlands-Belgium, then joint Spain-Portugal bid nations, with England next and ending with Russia at 1100 GMT.

The running order for the final presentations was decided by was determined by the drawing of lots.

Once all presentations have been heard FIFA's executive committee will retire to vote in a secret ballot.

FIFA president Sepp Blatter, leads the executive committee which consists of eight vice-presidents and 15 members appointed by the football’s confederations and national associations.

But due to recent allegations of corruption the election will consist of 22 votes after the suspension of members Amos Adamu and Reynald Temarii.

The winning host nation for each tournament is the first to receive an absolute majority of 12 votes among the members.

If no host nation receives the required votes, the bid with the least votes is eliminated and another round of voting begins, with the process repeated until there is a winner.

Interestingly if two nations are tied on 11 votes each, president Sepp Blatter will have the deciding vote.

The winning bids will then be announced to the world by Blatter in Zurich Exhibition Centre at around 1600 GMT.

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Posted on 30/11/2010