Hearts Football Club has announced it will keep all options open in the search for a new stadium despite detailed plans for the redevelopment of Tynecastle.

The official statement follows a story in a local newspaper suggesting redevelopment may not be viable for the Scottish Premier League club.

A club spokesperson said:  "Any participation in the charrette referred to in today's newspaper would not be unusual because as a club Hearts must be aware of any plans to build a 25,000 seat stadium only a few miles from our own ground.

"Hearts will explore any potential opportunities that might exist to create a state of the art football stadium at Tynecastle or elsewhere in the west of Edinburgh."

The proposed £50m redevelopment includes a two-tier, 11,000-capacity main stand, as well as a hotel, leisure facilities, apartments and conference facilities but has been hit with a number of setbacks recently.

"Hearts is fully committed to the redevelopment of Tynecastle and the club has no intention of moving from our current home as long as there is a financially viable stadium redevelopment option on the table.

"As a club we've already invested over £1m in stadium redevelopment plans and have no intention of walking away from that extensive development work.

"Our first priority is to exhaust every option for the redevelopment of Tynecastle."

Posted on 02/11/2010