Saracens’ Rugby Club has ruled out a permanent move to Wembley or the new Olympic Stadium.

The club is currently considering whether they will remain at Vicarage Road beyond this season after stadium owners Watford Football Club, activated the break clause in the two clubs’ agreement in May.

Saracens pay Watford £489,000 a year to play at Vicarage Road but the football club have stated on a number of occasions in the last 18 months that the sum needs to increase.

Had the Hornets not activated the break clause then Saracens could have remained at Watford’s ground until 2017 paying the same amount.

Saracens chief executive Edward Griffiths told BBC Three Counties: "Wembley is owned by the Football Association so I don't think we'd ever play every match at Wembley.

"The Olympic Stadium's not suitable as a 25,000-seater stadium in a team sport."

He added: "There's a permanent athletics track which means you're quite far from the action.

"We're looking for a stadium that's smaller to be our home stadium, where we can develop some kind of scarcity."

Posted on 16/10/2010