Bristol City Football Club officials visited Westminster to meet MPs and discuss their new stadium project.

The club is battling against an Inspector's report which suggests the proposed site of the new stadium at Ashton Vale be declared a Town and Village Green.

Any final decision sits with Bristol City Council, but the club has been gathering evidence against the report and are now taking the battle to the House of Commons.

Club officials decided to meet with MPs to discuss the Inclosure and Commons Acts which allow people to apply for Town and Village Green status.

City chairman, Steve Lansdown said: “The rules which have seen the stadium held up are ridiculous.

"We've gone through all due process with the democratic planning process, had consultations with the public and we've got agreement from both sets of councils and suddenly this joker has been thrown onto the table.

"This project is a big project so we're drawing MPs' attention to the vagaries of this legislation and asking for it to be reviewed," he added.

A petition showing the support for the new stadium at Ashton Vale - and a battle against the Inspector's report - has already topped 17,000.

Posted on 11/10/2010