The Millennium Stadium in Cardiff is hoping to become the UK’s first green stadium.

The 74,500-seater venue is busy working towards British Standard accreditation which is recognised throughout the events industry.

Two exhibition arenas in London, Olympia and Earls Court already have the award, but the Cardiff venue would be the first stadium to be given the official green mark.

The £121 million venue has undergone further renovation work including installing a rainwater harvesting system for pitch irrigation, infra red controls on toilet flushing systems and water and energy meters.

Millennium Stadium manager, Gerry Toms, said: "While we have always considered our impact on the environment and have introduced systems such as rain and waste recycling, we are now looking at more ways to run the business more efficiently.

"Events at the stadium contribute more than £100m to the local economy each year and it is important that we keep attracting the biggest and best entertainment to Cardiff."

There have been widespread upgrades throughout the Millennium Stadium including innovative heating and ventilation systems.

Plans also include looking at alternative ways to produce electricity, such as photo voltaic cells and small wind turbines.

Stadium facilities manager Darren Crossman said the ground recycles all waste: “Our maintenance department has worked very hard to ensure that we have virtually no landfill waste.

"We produce between 350 and 500 tons of waste per year and all recyclable material is segregated for that purpose, leaving only residual waste that cannot be treated."

A decision by the British Standard green mark awarding body will monitor the venue’s sustainability and will offer a pre-assessment in December.

Posted on 28/09/2010