A $226 million revamp at Michigan Stadium is to be unveiled on Saturday as the NFL season begins to take off.

The 80-year-old home of the Michigan football team underwent extensive redevelopment after growing concerns over safety and accessibility.

After three years of work the stadium is ready to open its gates for the Wolverines to take on Connecticut this weekend.

Michigan Stadium was first built in 1927 and has only undergone minor improvements, twice adding seats to the bowl while changing the playing surface on numerous occasions.

Bill Martin, Michigan Athletic director, said: “We didn’t renovate Michigan Stadium to build 5,000 premium seats.

"That was a means to an end. By building 5,000 premium seats, the revenue paid to fix the bowl for everyone else."

Capacity has increased to 109,901 meaning the stadium has stayed true to its nickname as 'The Big House.'

Acoustic experts believe the new design will make the stadium 30 percent louder.

Martin said: "It was so important that every fan gets a better game day experience and that they said, 'Wow, am I proud of this.'"

"The Big House is still The Big House, and it’s a better house," he added.

Posted on 03/09/2010