Wembley Stadium has announced it will relay the pitch for the 11th time since the new stadium opened in 2007.

The pitch at the £750million venue has been hugely criticized in recent weeks following poor playing surfaces for the FA Cup semi-finals.

A Wembley statement said: "We appreciate we have to improve the quality of the pitch and we are determined to do so.

"We've enjoyed constructive meetings with a number of industry consultants who support our strategy and we will continue to liaise with them.”

Wembley hosts a number of different sports and events including football, rugby and music concerts which all have had a negative effect on the quality of the pitch.

Due to ongoing loan repayments, to meet the cost of the £750m stadium, Wembley will remain multi-purpose at least until 2023 as each event offers much needed revenue.

There are growing concerns that the poor pitch could hinder England’s bid for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

A Wembley spokesperson said: “We will continue working with The Sports Turf Research Institute to install and maintain the new turf. The pitch will be the same type as was used in the latter part of last year.

“We will continue to refine the installation and maintenance regime to build on the formula that was successful during that period.

“Wembley and STRI feel confident that we will be able to deliver and sustain a good pitch at Wembley for our busy football schedule in May.”

The stadium is set to host the FA Cup final, The Football League Play-offs and England’s World Cup warm-up tie against Mexico in May.

Posted on 19/04/2010