Two bombs have exploded outside Chinaswamy Stadium shortly before the start of an Indian Premier League cricket match.

The blasts sparked terror amongst the 40,000 spectators getting into the stadium for the match between the Bangalore Royal Challengers and the Mumbai Indians.

At least eight people have been injured in the explosions with Police concerned over further terrorist attacks.

Police commissioner Shankar Bidari speaking at a news conference said: "It appears some sort of explosive material was hidden in the wall, some distance away from the stands.”

The match resumed after security staff carried out an inspection of the stadium which is located in the Southern Indian city of Bangalore.

It is more bad news for Indian officials as the 2009 Indian Premier League was switched to South Africa following concerns over safety fears.

The bombings have sparked further concerns over the security of the Commonwealth Games which India is set to host later this year.

Posted on 17/04/2010