Over 20,000 people gathered together to watch the demolition of Texas Stadium yesterday.

The iconic stadium was home for the Dallas Cowboys for 38 seasons and soon came crashing down in an explosive finale detonated by an 11-year old competition winner.

Casey Rogers won an essay writing contest and was given the button linked to a ton of dynamite strategically placed around the historic venue which had been vacant for two years.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who bought the team in 1989 and won three Super Bowls during Texas Stadium's golden years, was emotional as he left the viewing site and said: "I think this reflects the meaningfulness of all the experiences in the different ways that we've had there.

"A lot of different perspectives, a lot of different people's positive time. I would say that stadium reflects positive times more than it reflects negative times.

"And the reality of seeing the roof go in and come down like that was not fun."

The Cowboys are by no means homeless as they moved to the new $1.2 billion Cowboys Stadium in nearby Arlington after the 2008 season.

Since then Texas Stadium has been left empty and has seen other new stadiums open in the area leaving club officials no choice but to demolish the venue.

Posted on 12/04/2010