Minnesota Vikings have stepped up their campaign for a new stadium after relaunching their website designed to encourage fan support for the project.

The Vikings' currently play at the 64,111-seater Metrodome in Minneapolis and are keen to build a new venue that meets NFL program requirements and will help generate the revenue to keep the team competitive in the future.

The Metrodome was first opened in 1982, costing $55 million and also hosts Baseball team Minnesota Golden Gophers but is deemed insufficient to accommodate the Vikings long term ambitions.

Funding of the proposed $900 million new stadium appears to be the main stumbling block as the Vikings will provide 33 per cent of the budget but hope state funding will contribute the remainder.

The Viking's are campaigning the local communities to support the project, which could provide a huge boost to Minnesota economy.

It is expected to create 7,500 construction jobs and pour $700 million back into the local economy.

A Vikings' statement said: “Building a new stadium also retains the Vikings in Minnesota for at least the next 30 years. As the most popular team in the state, the Vikings are a part of the fabric of Minnesota.

“The team gives us a common bond, something to discuss at work and enjoy with our families. In 2009, nearly half of the state’s 5 million people watched, listened to or attended Vikings games on Sundays. The Vikings truly do impact Minnesota’s quality of life.”

If the stadium plans are unsuccessful there is a real chance the Vikings could relocate like many other NFL franchises in the past.

Posted on 07/04/2010