Football fans should probably think twice about attending matches in Greece, Sweden and Serbia as it is where they are most likely to die from a heart attack.

The warning follows a study that ranked Europe’s football nations by the number of defibrillators they had in stadiums.

The study, published in the European Heart Journal, investigated 187 stadiums from 10 countries across Europe.

The study worryingly revealed that no grounds in Serbia had the life-saving machines. This was followed by Greece, with only 25 per cent of stadiums providing a defibrillator. Swedish venues were only marginally better with 38 per cent.

Norway and Italy topped the list with defibrillators at all major stadiums. This was followed by France, Spain and England.

Prof Mats Borjesson, the official medic for Swedish club GAIS and a member of the European Assoication of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation believes all stadiums should have access to the life saving machines.

“It is known that viewing and being emotionally engaged in a soccer game increases the likelihood of people suffering a heart attack so we think this should be a formal requirement.

“As football is the biggest and best resourced sport in Europe, the situation may be even worse elsewhere.”

Posted on 03/03/2010