Hereford United Chairman Graham Turner has updated Bulls' supporters on planned redevelopments at Edgar Street.

With the Coca-Cola League 2 side looking to improve the facilities for the future the owner gave his reaction to the latest ongoing meetings with local authorities.

“Earlier this month we had a good meeting with the Richardson Developers,” Turner said. “We need their permission to redevelop the Blackfriars End.

“Our respective architects have been trying to find enough common ground to satisfy all parties involved, the Council who are the freeholders of our ground, the Richardson's who are the tenants and ourselves who are sub tenants.

"To complicate matters further there are two leases on the ground one which has ten years to run which is for the majority of the land, the other which is for the strip of land containing the Merton Stand has forty-seven years to run.

"Having poured over different plans and legal documents over the past few months I know that the whole issue has been fraught with difficulties, however maybe the solution is finally in sight.

The future status of the club depends on the lease for Edgar Street being extended by Hereford City Council which is Turner's main objective in the near future.

"The Council have indicated that they are willing to ensure the long term future of the Club is made a little more secure by providing new long term leases, that is appreciated,” he added.

“We have further meetings scheduled for the next three weeks when all the issues should be resolved.

"One piece of good news which may not seem that important but has been of vital importance to us is that all the crush barriers on the Meadow End have passed the strict strength test.

"The results have met the criteria laid down in the Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds. Having forwarded all the information to the FLA and now expect the License to be granted for the remainder of the season.

"We then have the Safety Group who grant a Safety Certificate, this covers all aspects of safety at the ground including calculating capacities. With the strength test results being positive we will expect in the near future a recalculation of the capacity of some areas and a small increase in the total capacity of the ground."

Posted on 27/01/2010