Hereford United Chairman Graham Turner is positive that plans submitted to the local council will be accepted before a committee so that ground developments came be started and finished in time for the 2010/11 season to commence.

“We've got to have a scheme that supplies us with all the football facilities that we want,” Turner explains. “That's new toilets, canteen, even a bar canteen behind the stand. We need to get all the disabled facilities in. Coming around we need new office space, we need shop space.

“We had a long meeting on site recently and as far as we're concerned the stand design is satisfactory. I think as far as the Richardsons are concerned the plans are satisfactory.

"It's been a long drawn out saga, but this is a massive period for the club.

"It would mean the long term future of the football club would be secured. The club would own a long lease on the football facilities. That would be a further move to insure the security of the club and the future prosperity of the club.

"It will be an agreement between the club and the Richardsons to go to the council and say 'this is what we've agreed can you now draw up the leases?'. Our's will be the football facility lease, the Richardsons' will be for the commercial side of things.

"We've worked long and hard on the project. It has been a very intense couple of weeks, but I am still optimistic that it will all go through before the start of the season.

"If we get a long, long lease on a 7,000 stadium, with some income streams from commercial activities, with better facilities for supporters then it will be a job well done."

Posted on 25/01/2010