Bath Rugby Football Club are close to unveiling plans for a new stadium located away from their historic Recreation Ground.

The Guinness Premiership side are keen to accommodate more supporters with a new ground location now on the horizon according to Bath's Chief Executive, Nick Blofeld.

Blofeld explained: “Fundamentally, we need to develop a stadium that is fit and proper for a leading European rugby brand in the 21st century. I am not sure that is deliverable at the Rec.

“The solution needs to be right long-term and if we keep it in the heart of the city, we can overcome some of those challenges about wanting to keep it at the Rec.

"There are alternative uses for the Rec which can help pull the club and the city together. It is sensitive but if we can’t build what we need for the long term, we would be naive to keep pushing.

"If you are building a £30-£50 million stadium, you have to make it work in other ways; a restaurant on a match day could be used for conference and banqueting on a non-match day and in an ideal scenario have a hotel nearby or, better still, be integrated. You want to make it a venue that works primarily for rugby, but also works for the rest of the year.

“A lot of people recognise that this is a sleeping giant. You can’t just flick a switch, but gradually we can build that brand up, increase the revenue streams and create a stadium and a team that international brands will want to be part of. We want to look onwards and upwards.”

Bath Rugby Football Club look to relocate from their historic ground in an attempt to progress as a European giant in rugby.

Posted on 06/01/2010