There are plans in place for Gateshead Football Club to build a new stadium in the next few years as local entrepreneurs Graham Wood and Brian Waites look to take the Blue Square Premier club into the Football League.

It's been 50 years Gateshead have been in the League which is something Wood and Waites want to change.

The Chairman, Graham Wood and his Vice-Chairman Brian Waites are keen to take the club forward by building a purpose-built stadium next to the Civic Centre.

Wood, who has been a fan of the Tynesiders since he was a boy has ploughed over £1 million into the club over the years and wants to make the club a sustainable football club in the near future.

“Since 2002 I’ve bankrolled the club to the tune of £1.25m,” Woods explained. “But what we want to do here is create something that will be financially viable and secure long term.

“The problem with the way football clubs are run at the present is that it’s either boom or bust.

“We see philanthropists come along, put money in, lose interest and then the club struggles. That’s not a sensible way to run a football club.

“I want to help build that something while I am alive, something that will be here when I am gone. I get great pleasure from being involved in Gateshead and I want to be able to create something that will give future generations great pleasure too.”

Plans for a new stadium will be submitted in February with Wood and Waites hopeful that the proposed plans will be accepted and planning permission will be granted by May.

The stadium will accommodate 2,000 seated fans and 7,000 standing, giving it a total capacity of 9,000 with the Chairman believing that the new stadium will bring a brighter future for the current Conference club.

Wood added: “This stadium development and hopefully the return of Gateshead to the Football League will be my legacy to the club and the town.

“I believe we can create something that will be sustainable for at least the next 50 years.”

Posted on 06/01/2010