Residents from Gamston in Nottinghamshire are petitioning against the proposed developments for a new 45,000 all-seater stadium on nearby greenbelt land.

Nottingham is one of 12 cities to be nominated as a host city for England's 2018 FIFA World Cup bid and part of their inclusion is on the basis that the City construct a new stadium for hosting World Cup group stage matches.

The proposed plans will also include a further 4,500 new houses being built on the greenbelt area, but resident remain hopeful that Rushcliffe Borough Council reject planning permission for the new stadium.

Currently there are mixed views on the situation with Nottinghamshire County Council against the plans and Nottingham City Council backing the new developments whilst Rushcliffe Borough Council are sitting on the fence.

Football fans across the region are in general agreement and will welcome such plans for a new stadium with Nottingham City Council leader, Councillor Jon Collins explaining the benefits of the development.

He said: “The planning issues will be a challenge. I'm confident with everybody pulling in the right direction we can deliver on the commitments that we've given the FA.

"I hope we can take the politics out of this. The bottom line is that bringing world cup football to Nottingham and Nottinghamshire would be fantastic. It will bring real benefits."

Posted on 18/12/2009