According to the owners at the Metrodome the cost to build a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings at the current site is expected to reach as much as $870 million.

Due to lower construction and material costs, this latest price-tag is slightly less than the original $954 million according to Executive Director of Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission (MSFC), Bill Lester.

Looking for developments to commence, Vikings' officials called the recent report “an important contribution” in the search for a new venue.

"Given the MSFC's recent attempt to delay a stadium discussion for two years, we are moving forward with those leaders who want to resolve this issue in 2010," the Minnesota Vikings said in a written statement.

The Vikings' lease is due to expire at the end of the 2011 season which is why they are keen to get things moving forward promptly. Currently the Vikings have the lowest annual revenue in the NFL and with a new stadium in place their revenue per year will increase by at least $20 million.

Posted on 17/12/2009